“EASILY Create Beautiful, Professional-Looking Illustrations for Your Children’s Book…Using JUST Your iPad or Android Tablet!”
Revealed! Little-Known Illustration Techniques Using Low-Cost Apps and Skills You ALREADY Possess!

From the Desk of Tony Laidig

RE: Your Children’s Book Illustrations…

I LOVE illustrated children’s books! There is something magical about sharing stories with children in both word and illustration. Unfortunately, the “ILLUSTRATION” part is often a challenge for the author. It’s expensive to hire a professional illustrator! That’s what led me to start creating and teaching others how to create amazing illustrations for children’s books using photographs. The results have been nothing short of stunning using little more than a few photographs and software on a computer. Yes, some of the software is expensive but the results speak for themselves! Recently I was traveling, and while killing time on my flight, I had the thought…

I wonder if I could get the SAME awesome illustration results with my tablet?


I began to experiment and the results blew me away! And what began as a curious experiment turned into an obsession. I downloaded EVERY app I could find related to illustration effects. I EVEN purchased an Android tablet to see if I could get the same results as I did with my iPad. I did! So after a LOT of testing and experimenting, I sifted through the hundreds of apps that are available for both iPad and Android tablets and identified the BEST ones to create gorgeous, professional-looking illustrations you can use to illustrate your children’s book.


In “Easy Tablet Illustrations,” you will discover:

  • My personally chosen list of the BEST apps, free and paid, for creating quality illustrations from photographs and photo composites.
  • How to manage and edit your photos and photo composite workflow right on your tablet.
  • Which apps to use to create photo composites to use for your illustration methods.
  • Step-by-step demonstrations of creating gorgeous illustrations using the top 8 apps (both iPad and Android tablets)
  • And Much More!

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Yes! You CAN illustrate your book on your tablet!

This 10-Video Series will walk you through ALL the apps and illustrations necessary to create beautiful illustrations for your children’s book (or for any other illustration needs you might have!). Taught with the same level of detail and skill as the “Easy Book Illustrations” series, this training is definitely one you’ll want in your arsenal!


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